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What are we talk about when we talk about user exp

So funny, so embarrasing.

This morning, I'm trying hard to make myself concentrating on my work, because a lot of my work haven't being done for last friday, so, I unfolded my computer, opened dribbble's homepage to find some pictures which will inspiring me for my following work.

Then, an English word in that page attracted me, it looks familiar, but i just can't remember its meaning. So, I opened up Baidu homepage, intend to translate that English word into Chinese. But everything is not going smoothly as I think. When Baidu's homepage being launched, just before I type the english words into the search bar, I found myself being lured by some pictures posted below the search bar with a big and screamed headline, which says: "What is happened to the current Korea soap series, their makeup looks like a ghost". This headline just aroused my interest, and without doubt, I clicked in, to see what is going on with Korea makeups.

5 minutes later, I sunddenly realized that I was intended to translate a word in Baidu's homepage! Why am I staying here reading this nonsense article?! The whole content is meaningless for me, even my work! And, I just unconsciously being arrested by this useless writing!

The most ridiculous thing is, after read that piece of work, I totally fogotten what is the word I want to search. All I should do is go back to dribbble, find out the word through whole page (cuz I already foggotten the right position of that word when I saw it), and then, go to Baidu again. And only for this time, I hope I will be more cautious and to make sure I will not being seducted by another headline or picture.

Though this whoIe thing, just want to say, this is a bad searching experiecne, and this is not the first time happened to me. I think most of you were being trapped by this kind of trick? Some of you might realized it, but as I know for now, a lot of people didn't feel they were being interrupted by this tricky, and even some of them are enjoyed of this information... It makes me thinking, as an ux designer, what is the real good user experience we should provide to the user?

The answer is to be continued...


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